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Do you want a convenient and safe way to help maintain your health at home?

You can invite one of our trusted licensed and board-certified nurse practitioners or physicians over for a private visit — or connect with them online (telehealth) instead. All at no extra cost to you. It’s all part of your Aetna Medicare Advantage benefits.

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{on screen} Aetna logoHealthy Home Visit

{on screen} Amanda Lewis ArtsAetna Medicare Advantage Clinical Nurse

Amanda: “The Aetna Healthy Home Visit is an opportunity for the retiree to spend quality time with an advanced registered nurse practitioner or a physician in their home. They take a 360 degree view of your health. It’s one hour dedicated solely to them what their needs are, what their challenges are. And how to stay healthy moving forward. They complete a brief physical assessment, they’ll take a medical history, understand your background, understand your challenges that you’ve experienced in the health care space. They’ll do a medication reconciliation or review and they’ll look at all of your supplements, all of your over the counter medication. And then they’ll look around your home and assess for any safety concerns or any needs you may have and really think about things holistically. Understanding them as people, it’s a different approach to healthcare.”

{on screen} Southwest Florida

{on screen} Phillip ManesAetna Medicare Advantage member

Phillip: “My name is Phillip Manes, I’m retired, came here three years ago and we’re just living the dream now. I got married pretty late in life. Getting married then having a baby at my age, was the best. My daughter is fifteen, I like to see her grow up. Working out in the gym, and playing golf. I just try to do as much as I can outdoors. I got to keep myself active in order to be able to spend that time with my daughter because I wanna do it for as long as I possibly can. Aetna called me, they said that they wanted to have a couple of nurses come in, and speak with me. They came in and they gave my a physical.”

Amanda: ”Healthcare is built on trusted partnerships and at Aetna we embrace that ideology. Partnering with others allows us the ability to begin those home visits, day one. So we can gather information more quickly, we can engage retirees in care management more quickly and remove barriers to care more efficiently. We consider our partners an extension of us. We oversee their credentialing process. We oversee their quality of care standards. We do a lot of care coordination training, customer service training, to ensure that our retirees have the best experience.”

Phillip: “They were excellent. They wrote everything down that I had talked about. And then when that was done we had some conversations. I feel Aetna is very caring to the people that are on social security and they think more of me, personally, and not just a number. They follow up all the time just to see that I’m okay. I even got phone calls to see how I was feeling. That’s big.”

Amanda: “Our job is to make sure our retirees have all the tools necessary to manage their condition, to enjoy those moments that they worked so hard to enjoy. We’re here to support them and help them maintain health or better their health.”

Phillip: “After you see how much Aetna cares, I wouldn’t of had it any other way. I’m very happy with Aetna.”

Amanda: “I love my job. I have the best job in the world. We’re driven to improve the health and wellness in the lives of our retirees in any way we can.”

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Get an extra layer of care

Life should be simpler in times like these. You may not always need to travel to get all the care that you need. So now more than ever, our in-home and online virtual (telehealth) visits can be convenient, safe options for extra help managing your care.

Because your health is always our top priority, we take many steps to make sure you feel safe at home. Our licensed clinicians follow all CDC guidelines and safety measures including, but not limited to, social distancing with anyone else in the household and wearing face masks and gloves.

Our personalized service doesn’t replace your relationship with your doctor. Instead, this program helps us work with your doctor to manage your care and tell you about health programs and services you may need. They can also check your home for potential issues that may increase your chances of falling. We’re working with nurse practitioners and physicians around the country to offer you this service. Every year, 400,000 Aetna Medicare Advantage members take advantage of in-home health assessments.

What to expect

From the privacy and convenience of your home, a licensed and board-certified nurse practitioner or physician will:

  • Answer your health questions
  • Review your medicines
  • Talk about your medical history
  • Suggest ways to improve your health
  • Provide any needed health screenings
  • Connect you with community resources
  • Share tips for coronavirus (COVID-19) and home safety

The visit lasts about an hour. It includes a limited, noninvasive physical exam. If needed, the nurse practitioner or physician may recommend that you be further evaluated.

After your visit, we’ll share a health summary with you and your doctor. It’ll show you:

  • How to live healthier
  • How to manage your conditions
  • A list of your medications
  • Who can help in your community

Over 95% of members we surveyed said
they were satisfied with their visit.

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How to schedule a visit

Reply to a letter or call:

If you’ve already been contacted about home visits or telehealth, please reply using the phone number we provided.

Or, be the first to reach out:

Feel free to call us at 1-877-503-5802 (TTY: 711)starts telephone call, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. or visit in new tab

Note: This is not a scheduled appointment. It is establishing your availability. Signify will reach out to you confirm your appointment.

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