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Secrets to enjoying a healthy retirement

Like many adult children, I worry sometimes about my retired parents. Then I pick up the phone and ask my 76-year-old mother and 81-year-old father what they did that day. Usually there’s some mention of a yoga class (my mom) and always a golf game (my dad), a concert or an incredible new novel. While many of their peers struggle with isolation, boredom and lack of purpose, they just have a knack for retirement. What’s their secret?

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With Aetna, I’ve got everything that I could ever ask for.

“I feel Aetna is very caring to the people that are on Social Security. They follow up all the time to see if I’m okay, I even got phone calls to see how I was feeling. That’s big.”


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Watch Managing high blood pressure video opens a dialog

John – Aetna Medicare Advantage member since August, 2016

“The company that I originally started with was Harrison Radiator, which was a division of General Motors. We took pride in what we did. We were making all the heating and air conditioning units for the General Motors cars, and in fact, I spotted several cars where my sticker was put on one of the heaters that was in the car, so I knew that was a job I did and I was very proud of that.”

[John loves a good joke]

“The plant at Harrison Radiator was a smaller plant and it was a lot like family. There were tricks that people played on one another. I would just say with grease and things like that and gloves and maybe in a sandwich.”

[But his real love is for cars]

“When I was a kid, I built model cars and I loved draw automobiles. I did want to be an auto designer and originally when I was thinking about going to college, I did want to go to General Motors Institute and study car design.”

[So Aetna ensured he’s always in the driver’s seat]

“When you join up with Aetna, first they have a doctor, which they hire to assign and come over and give you an initial physical to see what kind of help you might need with your medications or your overall health. He took my blood pressure. The blood pressure was abnormally high, so when he saw my medication that I was on he said I really think I should get ahold of your doctor, and if it wasn’t for the Aetna physician, I may not have the results that I have. I have to watch my diet specifically now because I am diabetic. Walking was the exercise that I always liked to do and that’s an important part of being healthy.”

[And we’re with him every step of the way]

“Aetna has been a big blessing in providing us with really excellent health care. They’ve encouraged us to take advantage of a lot of the programs that they have and we’ve done that. It’s been just a wonderful service to have. I would have to say a word that describes my relationship with Aetna would be excellence.”

[Drive on, John]

[Aetna logo]

Managing high blood pressure

Hear from John as he shares how Aetna doctors helped him manage his blood pressure to ensure a heathy and active retirement. (2 min. 17 sec.)

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